Abigail Segerstrom

Collection BFA

Brunch as a Thesis Idea

Brunch is frivolous in nature. Some people love to say they hate the whole idea of it. I've always enjoyed brunch. An excuse to dress up, pretend, gather, perform, and spend too much money. During the pandemic, the idea of brunch seemed so distant, so did gathering, and mostly, so did joy.
This collection is about something so ridiculous at its core, but also a pasttime that has gripped society in such a way that it must mean something. Both a parody and in honor of the characters that attend brunch, I hope this collection can bring joy to its viewers and celebrate togetherness, no matter how superficial.


My thesis is both a collection and a short film, which is linked at the bottom of this page. Watch these characters come to life.
Image: Character: Partier
Image: Character: Influencer
Image: Character: Dieter
Image: Character: Hungover
Image: Character: Student
Image: Character: Tourist
Image: Synopsis
Image: The Story
Image: Creating the Set
Image: Creating the Set
Image: Behind the Scenes of Filming

In Depth Design Process

Below is a more comprehensive series of steps taken to create my collection. It includes exploring food, table, environment, and character.
The following research focuses on grapes, napkins, eggs, gingham and smocking, etc. Very serious business.

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Remember the link to my short film is below :)


Abigail Segerstrom is a dual degree student majoring in fashion design and film. She completed her thesis and five short films during the pandemic at her home in Telluride, CO.

She aspires to combine her love for fashion and her love for film professionally through costume design, screenwriting, and directing.