Amber Zhang

Collection BFA


Amb Zhang, founder and executive director of brand AMB, graphic designer and founder of  A Cue 22 Design Studio. Amb Zhang graduated from Parsons School of Design in New York, majoring in fashion design. She has interned in Jason Wu, Carlos Campos, Linder and other New York designer brands during her time at school. In 2021, her senior thesis work was published in SICKY Magazine. "The desperate situation for our generation is each of us cannot escape the feeling of being bored, but luckily to know is only with a deep desire for a great pursuit we will suffer from a feeling of lack ." The meaning of brand AMB is to output a life attitude that is unwilling to succumb to "boring and meaningless" lifestyles, to find the solution to the coexistence of human beings and the environment and the universe from a difficult perspective, and to move forward responsibly and hopefully.

Amb Zhang,品牌AMB主理人、平面设计师以及A Cue 22 Design Studio主理人。Amb Zhang毕业于纽约帕森斯设计学院服装设计专业,就读期间曾于Jason Wu、Carlos Campos、 Linder等多个纽约设计师品牌实习,2021毕设刊登于美国著名杂志SICKY Magazine。 “这个时代的绝境是无聊,极有追求才讲无聊。” 品牌AMB存在的意义是输出一种不愿屈服于“无聊、无意义”的生活态度,以刁钻的视角去找到人类与环境与宇宙共存的解法,有责任感且充满希望地前行。