Donghan Li

Collection BFA
Video: "The Glitch", 30 second video I made for my collection "P.M.O.".
Image: P.M.O., a menswear collection by Donghan Li
Image: Loneliness and isolation are two strong emotions I was feeling at that time. I flimed myself for a couple nights. I was alone in my messy room.
Image: First fitting experiment:

I put pajamas, blankets, towels, outerwear, and pillows on myself.
Image: Fabrics/ textiles:

Home is not only my safe space, but also a representation of myself. to get out of my home is like get pulled out of myself. I used dead stock homey fabric to disrupt mundane daily routine.
Image: Design process
Image: Staining experiments
Image: Tailoring process
Image: Muslin fittings
Image: Final fittings
Image: Look 1
Image: Look 2
Image: Look 3
Image: Look 4
Image: Look 5
Image: Look 6
Image: Look 7
Image: Editorial credits:

photography vesper,
model ibnou


Donghan Li is a fashion designer who gradated from Parsons BFA fashion design in 2021. His work often focus on personal experiences and emotional journeys. In his thesis project for BFA named "P.M.O., pull me out", he took a deep dive into loneliness and isolation, two strong emotions he was feeling at the time.

"P.M.O." for Donghan is an attempt to take a deep dive into his own emotions. Loneliness and isolation are two strong and relatable feelings. This collection is about breaking this confinement on both a mental and a physical level.