Jehan Vazifdar

Collection BFA


A collection based on the genisis of Zoroastrian dress, this collection borrows historic garment details and sihlouettes and injects them with modern, bold, queer imagery.
Colors from illustrated manuscripts from the Shahnameh appear in tones of sea green, aubergine and teracotta. A line Mughal hunting coats form the base of the tailoring, a genderless sihlouette that flatters without gendered waists or darting.
A heavy top and light pjama bottom (a Kurta Pajama) is reinterpreted in a spiralling trenchcoat and panelled green evening coat paired with vibrant, bicolor flared pajamas by way of Jimi Hendrix.
Gradients and metamorphic details signal change and evolution. Quilted flourishes and back ties are adaptable to the wearer's body.

Image: Shot by Aidan Doyle on Elliot and Aasia
Image: a sleeker A-line in a racerback evening coat with Mirchi Green Chanderi Silk Accents
Image: fine deadstock wool in a vibrant green with a wilted panel beneath the back.
Image: Shot on Roosavelt Island by Aidan Doyle on Aasia
Image: my grandmothers sari, handpainted in gold in 1967 is restored. The decayed silk was starched and interfaced, quilted with layers of delicate cotton batting.
Image: Detatchable quilted Chanderi Silk on a Cotton-blend Trenchcoat, inspired by Jantar Mantar, an architectural astrological observatory in Jaipur.
Image: A radical take on an Indian classic, thetigerprint was developed and worn here by illustrator Tara Anand.
Image: through continued conversations about the illustrations in the Shahnameh, Tara and I went through several lab dips to match the pinks and make sure the vibrancy of the print came through.


JehanVazifdar is a New York Based designer from Mumbai. A recent BFA graduate of Parsons, their work uses the language of bespoke menswear to craft a fluid wardrobe, focused on cut and color.

Working with Mumbai-based silk and metal craftsmen, regional fabrics are reworked through a subtle, queer lens, celebrating and subverting the color and exuberance of Indian textiles