Kehan Tan

Collection BFA


Fashion designer, born and raised in Beijing, China. Passionate about designing an experience for both designer and wearer to know more and explore more about themselves.

What this project meant to me is really more of a thinking journey, a self-reflection than a design work. I didn’t start with the subject of body conscious and awareness. However, in one session, when I showed a topless look to my professors Neil and Hugette, Neil asked me if I designed it to be topless. I replied without thinking “No, I’m going to eventually have some sort of an under piece.” And when Neil asked me why, I realize I don’t have an answer to that question. Or at least, I don’t have my own answer other than the ones that others told me to believe. So I began the journey of self investigating and to find my own conclusion about things and how woman should dress. I hope through my project, everyone can really think about why dress in certain ways, and find the source that make them feel most comfortable and powerful.