Kessler Vogel

Collection BFA


Growing up in Northeastern Wisconsin, I was surrounded by abundant green fields, open landscapes, and pure midwestern nature. Living in this remote area was a beautiful experience but also caused conflictions with my sexual identity. I explored and experimented with textiles from my generational home in rural Wisconsin; Corn husks and corn silk, the byproduct of the harvested plant that sustains midwestern agriculture. These textiles are deeply embedded within my family’s long history of dairy farming in the midwest. With these textiles and techniques, I express sexuality and sensuality, the part of my identity I have long kept separated and hidden growing up in the rural midwest. The corn silk conveys its delicacy and intimate relationship with the body, and the husk is created as an armor and protector. The husk is a metaphor for what once covered and protected my growth, must now be shed for that growth to be fulfilled and revealed. This project is a homage to my family’s heritage and a unification of my sexual identity and my home.


Kessler Vogel is a menswear designer from rural Wisconsin. Using materials and textiles from his hometown along with ancient Norwegian garment-making and pattern making techniques to create a sensual and angelic ideaology of menswear.