Nanette Turner-Trujillo

Collection BFA
Image: Our Spatial Imprint
Image: Look 1: Bed Time
Image: Look 2: Wood Grains
Image: Look 3: Mattress
Image: Look 4: Break Up The Room With A Rug
Image: Look 5: Balance The Elements
Image: Look 6: Move Upwards


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Jordan Fiordaliso
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Nanette Gabriele Trujillo is a recent graduate of Parsons School of Design. Her thesis Our Spatial Imprint is a collection rooted in the study of the connection between our inner emotional being and interior space. Nanette developed a fascination with how private spaces influence our mood, sleep, and energy. In recent years, she began to struggle with chronic insomnia which led her to find approaches to achieve spatial balance and calmness within her own home. Nanette studied the practice of Feng Shui and utilized it to gain stability over stress.

After meeting with a Feng Shui professional, she applied the rules to every aspect of her life. This became the basis for materials, silhouettes, and colors. Inspired by Louise Bourgeois' insomnia drawings, Nanette created a series of illustrations done before bedtime as a form of meditation that later turned into print designs. Even in their psychedelic nature, the prints release a sense of peace through various color tonalities and compositions.

Advocating sustainability, Nanette utilizes repurposed materials found in interior spaces such as wood rattan, chandelier crystals, and antique lampshades. Her work became extremely relevant to our current environment and she has found great relief in her personal exploration.