Shaodong Liang

Collection BFA

Turn A Blind Eye 視而不見

My collection is mainly about my understanding of surveillance and my experience last summer vacation, which is watching my dad participates in an investigation led by the government that brings vice mayor of Xi’an finical crimes to the light


Shaodong Liang is a recent graduate from The BFA Fashion Design at Parsons School of Design in New York. Based in both New York and Xi’an, China, Liang has a focus on menswear. My collections are built on the concept of a mix of Chinese traditional silhouette with contemporary concealment art and have been focusing on surveillance through mine collections. My work don’t only brings a subversive, and futuristic point of view on Chinese traditional silhouette, but also I want to use Augmented Reality and Instagram filters to portray my own personal experience and a positive and accurate portrait of the current social condition of China from my point of view.