Ellen Cevallos

Fashion Design AAS
Image: Research Preview: Started this collection with image research and personal photography that helped emote the direction of this collection.
Image: Categorizing Preview: I enjoy collecting photos for inspiration and categorize them based on what they each represent for this collection.
Image: Behind the scenes: Alot of textile experimenting was done inspired by my personal/research photography.
Image: Behind the scenes: Here is a brief preview of a few of my collages done with the textile samples I created and the personal/research photography. These helped me experiment with abstract silhouttes.
Image: Not only did I experiment with rough draping on a dress form but with CLO 3D as well.
Image: I wanted every detail to have meaning and the eye make up was no excepton. The heart is a hand drawn heart that I did and kept using for my brand. With the help of my professor, I thought it went perfectly because I felt this collection resembles self love or a learning to self love and the heart perfectly resembled that.
Image: I created several repeat prints for this collection. Even though a few did not make it into the collection, I still incorporated it in the accessories.
Image: The set design was inspired by my feeling of being emotionally tangled/trapped within my thoughts therefore with the use of CLO 3D I wanted to bring this vision to life. In the look book the 3D model seems consumed with her surrounding but in control of it towards the end. I wanted the set design to also go hand in hand with the collection; dark/moody to light/bright.
Image: The earrings silhoutte was inspired by one of my repeat prints where I used my hand prints. I loved how the hands created this heart shape in the middle and thought it would perfectly fit with his collecion.
Image: I wanted this look book to emphasize the "metamorphosis" from being in a dark/tangled place to transforming into a brighter one with more control of the surroundings. This is a metaphor of my journey from where I was to where I am now, through the use of color. This is a 7 look digital collection created with CLO 3D and I wanted to create this environement that went along with the clothes. As you scroll down, not only with the background change, but the silhouttes as well. The silhouttes go from very structured, with the use of the vegan faux leather, to much more softer/looser looks with the use of fabrics such a silk. Scroll down to view some of my favorite pages from the complete look book.
Image: I shared my own personal experience with mental health through out this collection. This collection was made to bring awareness, start a conversation regarding mental health, and help stop the negative stigma towards it. I wanted this collection to be bright and with my own positive take with my struggle and my journey of self reflection and personal growth of acceptance. The more we share our stories the more we can connect with others and positvely inspire others.


Instagram: @ellenstylediary

Email: cevae477@newschool.edu

Ellen Cevallos is a designer and a recent graduate of the AAS Fashion Design program in Parsons School of Design, The New School. She received her BS from St. Francis College in 2016 in Criminal Justice. Prior to Parsons, she worked in the field of law as an assistant paralegal for a few years. 

Her passion for fashion began when she took her first fashion design class in high school. She continued to fashion illustrate as a hobby based on her own personal style/taste while pursuing a career in legal studies. Her desire for turning her fashion illustrations into reality and actual wearable clothes prompted her to move forward with this major career change.

Ellen’s designs are centered in apparel and accessories. She designs pieces for anyone who wants to stand out through eye catching prints, feel beautiful, and confident. Her design process is influenced by photography and expressing the narrative of her personal experiences. She focuses on color choice, hand drawn prints, and wearable silhouettes. Ellen is not afraid to explore beyond her personal aesthetic while still keeping in mind of her personal color choice/prints.