Izaak Hernandez

Fashion Design AAS
Woven Fate is a wearable celebration of tactility and fiber art. It embraces natural elements and handwork as an exploration of our feelings- physical and metaphysical.
Raw finishes, time-worn textiles, and slow methods of making are used to connect with the existential themes of humanity. 


Izaak Hernandez is a designer and multimedia artist working in the fashion and textile realms. His career started as a thrift store volunteer working with high quality secondhand clothing and serving a diverse clientele as a merchandizer and style consultant. Educated at Parsons School of Design, he formalized his skills and tasteful eye to be an industry professional who specializes in the tactile fiber elements of wearables. Experienced in traditional hand techniques of weaving, millinery design, and couture sewing as well as the technical aspects of textile sourcing, CAD, and concept development. He has a dynamic breadth of abilities and continues learning through experience.

Izaak fuels his creativity with interest in surface treatments, trim finishings and textile manipulations. He approaches design with an opened mind and a receptive sense for the world around him. The colors and textures of the American Southwest and the spirit of everyday people serve as a core source of his reference. When he’s not creating work in the fashion space, he’s taking pictures of found objects and collecting vintage jewelry.