Nirmiti Santosh Dholekar

Fashion Design AAS
Image: I made the above prints in the Printmaking class I took at Parsons. The designs and shapes in the prints are formed by the convergence of lines, which is the inspiration behind my thesis collection called " Lines and Silhouettes"
Image: Draping process
Image: Neckline process
Image: Color Range - Style # A Draped Skirt and Top Set and Style #B Trouser and Top duo
Image: Color Range - Style # C Top and Pants Set and Style #D Crop top and skirt set with sheer T-top
Image: Color Range - Style # E Iridescent Dress with Sheer T-top and Style #F Embellished Iridescent Dress
Image: Color Range - Style # G Draped One Shoulder Dress and Style #H Halter-neck high cut Dress
Image: Collection Lineup
Image: Style #F Embellished Iridescent Dress - Front and Back
Image: Style #F Embellished Iridescent Dress - Side views


I am Nirmiti Dholekar and I am a Parsons AAS Fashion Design Graduate.

My interests lie in designing Women's wear, foot wear as well as Time Pieces.