Divyashakti Gupta

Fashion Product BFA
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The Heartthrob Necklace
The Dizzy Headband
The Running Away Shoe
The Bling Ring
Tom's Sunglasses
Tom's Backpack

Further Exploration

Temporary Tattoos


I'm Divyashakti Gupta. I was born and brought up in India. Iā€™m a graduate from Parsons School of Design where I focused my study on Fashion Product. I also stumbled across graphic design, fell in love with it and decided to purse a minor in it. More particularly, I started enjoying motion graphics and animation. And hence, my senior thesis combines my various interests, from animation to accessories.

My signature style would be defined as humorous; I am constantly inspired from my childhood or even a joke or a meme, and I bring those themes in every aspect of my work.

More info about my thesis and other work can be found on my portfolio.