Hanna Cho

Fashion Product BFA


My name is Hanna Cho. I was born in Korea, and spent my teenage years in Thailand and USA. When I first got into Parsons, I initially struggled with fashion design. I did not feel inspired to create garments. However, after a suggestion that I look into the fashion accessories industry, my life changed. I fell in love with designing handbags and jewelry pieces. What I loved most about fashion accessories is that they are a lot more size inclusive than clothes. Since then, I have been designing variety of fashion accessories that are made for anyone and everyone.

My creations are always inspired by unusual shapes and new technology. In the past, I have worked with laser cutting to create lotus root shapes which were used to make a handbag. More recently, I have been working with Rhino and 3D printing to create kinetic jewerly pieces inspired by biology. I am always on the lookout for incorporating new innovations and unusual ideas within my creations.