Zhouxuezi Kitty Wang

Fashion Product BFA
BODY LANGUAGE aims to create new interpretations of how language can speak to us, by reimgaining shapes, forms, and characters of the written word, I am connecting and relating the visuals of language directly with the human form. An additional mini-collection of “paintbrushes” as the tools of capturing motion, the interplay of the familiar and unfamiliar, challenging and creating new pyhsical manifestation.
Using Chinese oracle bone inscriptions as the language system, it is the oldest picograph carved on bones and shells, incorporating historical and cultural elements with the unexpected materials and colours, giving it the playful and fun contrast.
Image: The body suit is made out of silicone, all patterns are handwritten Oracle bone inscriptions, converting the written characters into a lace pattern, amplify the aesthetic value of the scripts.
Image: Extended finger gloves
Image: xuan paper suit
Image: Using the interfaced xuan paper as the textile, I created patterns with abstract Oracle scripts in colours, the paper texture and Doodle-styled writing bring out the fun and bright atmosphere of such historical elements.
Image: Hair extensions
Image: The headpiece is inspired by hair extensions and giving characteristics to the extended hair, forming the shape of Oracle bone inscriptions. Using a natural colour with a striking colour to create a more impactful look.
Image: Resin Dress
Image: Using the traditional Chinese clothing-HAnfu as the silouette and pattern for this product, recreating it with unconventional material, resin, to bring unexpected texture and colours into the look.
Image: Resin Hanfu
Image: Resin Hanfu
Image: Exploration of digital fashion product, the final render of this product is in neon colours with glowing effects.
Image: As language is about the motion of writing, there is a mini accessory collection of brushes in different sizes and colours.
Image: The collection is being exhibited in a VR gallery, audience can feel free to navigate in the space and look closely at the artworks. (https://momento360.com/e/u/519f88b47f524decbee7392c3aeb5cd1?utmcampaign=embed&utmsource=other&heading=3.61&pitch=2.06&field-of-view=75&size=medium)