Isabelle Lucente

Materiality BFA
I watched many horror films from directors like Alfred Hitchcock, Robin Hardy, and Susanne Bier.
I took inspiration from my surroundings and other fine artist's and designer's work. I also translated my own fears into photo series.

Special thanks to:

Femi Fleming - Sound Engineer
Alice Moru - 3D Renderer


My name is Iz and I am an artist that combines my love for sculpture and fashion to create wearable, sculptural garments. Upon my abrupt departure due to the pandemic, I was overwhelmed with fear and anxiety, which was only heightened when I returned to my small, quiet hometown. "The Shadowed Home" collection focuses on six specific fears that stemmed from this interlude of paranoia.

The fears encompass sound, sight and touch and are translated into event-wear pieces. The garments feature nontraditional materials to evoke a sense of unease in the wearer as well as the viewers. I hope that when people view this collection they feel inspired by the interconnectivity of this unconventional theme between the designer, the wearer, and the viewer.