Aidan Corcoran

Systems & Society BFA
Built on the ideals to educate and preserve, MonArch was founded in 2020. With the alarming rate Monarch butterflies that are decreasing, an effort has to be made to save them. MonArch creates garments that strive to establish solutions towards conservation. Utilizing new technologies and eco-friendly practices, MonArch is making an effort to re-design what fashion systems represent.
Image: All the yarn was hand carted, spun and crocheted using locally sourced milkweed of the Hudson Valley, NY
Image: MonArch encompasses all of these systems to create our product.
Image: The yarn system is zero waste and promotes the usage of milkweed in new forms.
Image: This is milkweed flowering which occurs during the summer months. This plan is the only food source for the Monarch larvea to eat.
Image: This is milkweed once the butterflies are done needing it in the fall. The hardened pods can be opened and the floss inside can be harvested


MonArch was sparked by an idea my family and I thought of. I grew up in a small town in Vermont being surrounded by my father’s intense gardens and plant knowledge, Monarchs were always around during the summers. The conversation first began about the alarming decreasing population rate of the Monarchs- something that was even noticeable in my lifetime. I began to wonder why this was not talked about- I had seen plenty of awareness regarding the honeybees who are in the same category as Monarchs for food pollinators.

Wanting to combine my love for fashion and sustainability, I began brainstorming ideas for how I can combine both to bring awareness about these beautiful creatures that impact human life/ food systems directly. I began looking at what underlying issues are impacting the Monarch population: climate change and agriculture systems (lack of milkweed).