Heewon Yun

Systems & Society BFA

What is Dr. Heewee's Labtelier?

Reflecting the nature of a laboratory, Labtelier is driven by a series of experiments that investigate how design thinking, intergenerational knowledge exchange and food can combine to provide a more interactive approach to design and education.

Like a school, Labtelier is distinguished by its diverse outcomes that reflect its scope of exploration and engagement with people of different ages.
Image: : Denim Suit // regenerated jeans.
Image: : Persimmon Coat.
Image: : Rice Ball Glasses // handmade with rice & natural resin (soy oil & grains).

Powers of Ten Approach

Interrogating scale is an important methodology not only in design & education but also as humans who live in an interconnected world.
Powers of Ten is a model of thinking (Ray & Charles Eames) that helps us examine how we are connected and why we do what we do. This is the approach at the Labtelier, which expands our projects to greater depth of exploration, learning and impact on people & societies.

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is composed of 10 words.
Image: : Cashew Ring.
Image: : Swissitude Suit // regenerated jeans, hoodies and rice.
Image: : Silver & gold rings made by casting real rice.
Image: : Noodle Ring.


South Korean / Born in Switzerland / Raised also in France, Laos, Myanmar, United States, Indonesia and Uzbekistan.

Through my diverse upbringing, I have developed a passion for learning and priorities for inclusivity and collaboration; Intergenerational knowledge exchange and learning through food was how I connected with people and places. My vision is to reflect these values in my creative practice, where multi-faceted outcomes are generated from our collective research of sustainable strategies, cultural materials, and social issues.

As I experienced the diversity of people, environment and systems through growing up in eight countries, it was evident that the world we live in is very complicated and divided. However, what was more important than seeing these flaws was understanding that through cultures and people colliding together and sharing life, we are working towards a more interconnected and unified world.

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