Katie Yun

Systems & Society BFA


In the past years, my relationship with being an aspiring designer has had fluctuations of growth but also confusion. I have always felt strong with a pencil in my hand and confident in what I can put on paper, but confronted by material obsession and starved for creative content, there were times I lost what the process of design meant to me. It is the people, the emotions, and the environments surrounding me that give me reason to express creativity while improving myself along the way. It took time and patience to truly appreciate what creative process can do for others and oneself. Fashion especially is a study that involves all life and will always be moving with time. I am still learning about art and design, my relationships with others and with artist processes as it is a continual practice. In this journey, I create for what the process does for my well being and I hope to encourage others to feel the same.

Katie Yun Biography

BFA Fashion Design Graduate of Parsons School of Design

Contact: ktyunes@gmail.com