BFA Fashion Design: Forward thinking, innovative design program. The BFA has trained six generations of designers who have shaped the global industry. Employing design thinking and creative problem-solving strategies, students explore form, silhouette, material, and process — including social and environmental imperatives — to create beautiful, sustainable, responsibly produced fashion for a complex and evolving field.

By examining advanced social theoretical and contextual applications of fashion design, students are encouraged to express deeper levels of criticality and messaging through their work.

Collection BFA

The Collection pathway challenges you to consider approaches to body, gender, age, and size in order to develop new narratives, definitions, and terminologies within a clearly defined visual aesthetic beyond traditional contexts.

BFA Pathways

Fashion Product BFA

Build connections between fashion and lifestyle, embracing craft methodologies and technological advances inclusive of AI and AR to develop a range of new products considering function, environmental context, and user needs.

Fashion Pathways

Materiality BFA

Generate new possibilities for fashion through the integration of new technologies and sustainable approaches with foundational methods of dying, knit, print, surface treatments, embroidery, and weave while challenging you to explore new fabrication techniques.

Fashion Pathways

Systems & Society BFA

Explore a diverse range of systems design and critical thinking approaches in order to develop and actually construct new types of fashion systems and models that can make a positive impact on our world.

BFA Pathways

Fashion Marketing & Comm. AAS

AAS Fashion Marketing & Communication at Parsons is an intensive, flexible program centering on the fundamentals of marketing strategy. Students explore branding, product and audience; e-commerce and retail; omni-channel, retail and influencer marketing; merchandising and visual communication; film and photography; digital design; and the role of marketing within wider fashion systems and contexts.

AAS Fashion Marketing & Communication
  • Sophie Yang

Fashion Design AAS

The AAS Fashion Design program is meant for career changers or students looking to begin a rigorous track in fashion. Students come from all walks of life, bringing their prior experiences and interests to their creations. AAS Fashion Design is a fast-paced, flexible program that allows for students to work during their degree.

AAS Fashion Design program